Save Money With Solar Plumbing & Solar Heating System

solar-pool-heatingFed up of the rising cost of electricity and gas?
Call now and save up to 70% off your bill! The sun is free, so it makes sense to utilise it to heat your hot water, and that's where the professionals at Plumb Solar Plumbing and Solar Heating can help!

The argument to go solar for hot water has never been stronger. Hot water can represent 40 to 70% of your family's power bill. In the last five years energy costs have soared a massive 48 percent, with more rises still to come.

The best way to combat this and keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket is is by installing solar hot water.

The fuel solar heaters use is free and can be guaranteed for the next 50 million years.

Solar Heating: Return On Investment
solar hotwater aucklandA 15% return on investment for solar hot water is hard to beat. Solar hot water reduces the need for more generators, to fire up coal generators or to flood more valuable farm land. In short the answer to most of our power problems is the use of solar water.

Plumb Solar can supply and install a 2 panel solar hot water system on your roof connected to your existing hot water cylinder. It’s never been more affordable with our generous no deposit 5 year finance terms from as little as $18 per week.

Plumb Solar: Solar Heating Experts

At Plumb Solar we can design a solar heating system to suite both your lifestyle and your budget. We use tough Duplex stainless steel or copper cylinders and superior collectors utilising copper and aluminuim foil coated mineral wool insultation.

Plumb Solar can supply and install a two panel solar hot water system on your roof, connected into your existing hot water cylinder, with no deposit and three years interest free, for as little as $18 per week.

solar heating auckland2

We are confident in our product and guarantee everything that we sell. Our stainless steel cylinders carry a 20 year warranty with a life expectancy of 35 years. Our copper flat plate solar collectors carry a 10 year warranty with a life expectancy of 35 years.

With more than thirty years behind us we can offer you quality, reassurance and up to date information.

The technology is simple and effective and the benefits are huge!

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